Monday - Thursday: 11:30am-10pm
Friday -Saturday: 11:30am - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm- 10pm

Every day,



​Beer (small) + one $8
WIne (Glass) + one $9
House Hot Sake + one $10


Agedashi Tofu- Japanese style crispy tofu with chef's special sauce

Gyoza- Japanese style fried pork dumpling

Shumai- Mini round shrimp dumpling

House Salad- Fresh leafy greens topped with house vinaigrette dressing

Seaweed Salad- Seasoned seaweed topped with sesame seeds

Shishito Pepper- Japanese crazy pepper served w. special soy sauce

Katsu Oyster- Crispy oyster served on the half shell

Edamame- Boiled soybeans in the pod lightly sprinkled with salt

Ichiban Special Roll $3 Extra

Crazy Veggie- Sweet potato, eggplant and enoki mushroom tempura roll with spicy mayo, eel sauce

Futo Maki (8pc)- Cucumber, avocado, tamago, kani, pickle and seaweed sald

*Salmon Bom- Salmon tempura with seared salmon, spicy eel sauce and black tobiko on top

*Yellowtail Bom- Yellowtail tempura with seared yellowtail, spicy eel sauce and black tobiko on top

Caterpillar Roll- Eel, cucumber inside with avocado, eel sauce on top

*Tiger Skin Roll- Spicy yellowtail, cucumber, avocado with cream cheese wrapped in white seaweed

*Sexy Boy- White fish, cucumber with cream cheese tempura topped with kani salad on each pieces

*Rainbow Roll- Cucumber, avocado inside, 5 different raw fish on top

*Sumo Roll- Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado topped with kani, eel sauce & black tobiko on top

*Scorpion Roll- Eel, cucumber, tobiko topped with shrimp

*Me so Horny (miso honey)- Sweet potato, cucumber, avocado inside, miso honey sauce with sear salmon and wasabi tobiko on top

Traditional Roll

*Tuna Roll      *Tuna Scallion     *Spicy Tuna Roll      *Spicy Salmon Roll

*Salmon Roll    *Salmon Scallion   *Tuna Cucumber    *Salmon Cucumber

*Yellowtail Roll   *Yellowtail Scallion    *Tuna Avocado    *Salmon Cucumber

*Yellowtail Avocado   *Yellowtail Cucumber   *Spicy Yellowtail     *Crazy Maki

Oshinko Roll    Shitaki Mushroom  Cucumber Roll   Avocado Roll

*Boston Roll   *Philly Roll    Sweet Potato Roll  Tamago Roll

Cuc/Avo Roll    Crabstick Roll   Mango Roll   *California RollEvery day, 4-6pm 8:30pm-Closed